Economic Impact Report

2021 Economic Impact Report

To quantify the economic significance of the tourism sector in Iowa, the Iowa Tourism Office has contracted with Tourism Economics to prepare a comprehensive model detailing the far reaching impacts arising from visitor spending. The results of this study show the scope of the travel sector in terms of direct visitor spending, as well as the total economic impacts, jobs, and fiscal (tax) impacts in the broader economy.

In 2021, visitors spent over $6.1 billion across the Iowa economy. This direct visitor spending impact generated a total economic impact of $9.4 billion in Iowa, sustained nearly 65,000 jobs and generated $1.0 billion in state and local tax revenues in 2021.

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2020 Tourism Economic Impact Report

In 2020, visitor spending was significantly impacted by the pandemic. Travel leaned towards auto trips and the widespread decline of business travel made leisure travel of paramount importance to the tourism industry.

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