Tourism Awards

The Iowa Tourism Office is proud to host the annual Iowa Tourism Awards. This year’s awards will recognize the amazing work and innovation by Iowa’s outstanding tourism organizations that have positively contributed to the experience of our visitors. These awards represent the highest honor given for tourism in Iowa. Award winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 20, during the 2024 Iowa Tourism Conference.  


  • Nomination form links below
  • ​Nominations received in an incorrect category may be moved to a more appropriate category.  
  • All nominations must be submitted online. 
  • Deadline for nominations is 4 p.m. Friday, February 2, 2024 
  • Incomplete submissions will not be judged.
  • Self-nominations are accepted. 
Note: If you and the person/organization nominated for an award are registered to attend the Iowa Tourism Conference, you will not be notified if your nominee is selected to receive an award. If you and/or your nominee are not registered to attend the conference, we will contact you to discuss attending. 

Click here for the full guidelines.

For more information, contact:

Katie Kenne