Meet the Team

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Amy Zeigler

Tourism Manager

How do I tell your story?

I lead the tourism office’s marketing strategy and make strategic decisions about how best to leverage our public dollars for the greatest impact to all of Iowa’s tourism destinations. As the tourism office’s former digital marketing manager, I love to brainstorm creative ideas, partnerships and the best ways to leverage technology for Iowa’s destinations.

Lora Friest

Tourism Liaison

How do I tell your story?

I am here to help you maximize your tourism potential. I want to get to know you and your community so I can show you how you can prosper from Iowa's innovative tourism marketing initiatives. Everyone at the Iowa Tourism Office values your expertise, so I also gather your input and ideas to inform Iowa’s tourism marketing. I am based out of Decorah, Iowa, and eager to meet with you remotely or in person at your favorite place.

Katie Kenne

Outreach & Engagement

How do I tell your story?

I am your go-to for connecting what you are doing locally to our statewide marketing initiatives by sharing your stories with our state tourism team. I also connect Iowa tourism partners with potential travelers through the cooperative partnership program, Iowa Tourism Grant, and Regional Sports Authority District Grant.

Matt Kodis

Research Analyst

How do I tell your story?

I share the story about our travelers and our marketing efforts through research, insights and infographics. Research insights are shared through the tourism industry newsletter, presentations and through other channels. Research reports can be accessed here.

Doug Meyer

Digital Marketing Manager

How do I tell your story?

Annually, more than two million people visit our website,, which provides information to aid trip planning and content intended to inspire travelers to visit Iowa. My goal is leveraging our digital platforms and properties to create the best user experience through navigation, accessibility, and performance.

Stephanie Neppl

Tourism Liaison

How do I tell your story?

I am the first point of contact for our tourism industry and am based in Sibley, Iowa. I am here to help businesses connect with our Iowa Tourism marketing initiatives. By visiting your businesses and communities, I can help share your stories with our team so that you can be part of our efforts to promote Iowa's great assets! Please add me to your mailing lists so I can see what you are doing to promote yourself.

Jessica O'Riley

Communications Manager

How do I tell your story?

I share Iowa's awesomeness with travel writers, bloggers, and reporters through e-newsletters, personal pitching, hosting writers, and attending writer conferences. I can't talk about what I don't know about, so add me to your mailing lists. It's never too early to tell me about an upcoming exhibit, event, attraction, or anniversary. Have great photos to share? Upload here.

Amber Rottinghaus

Content Coordinator

How do I tell your story?

My main focus is crafting content that tells an inspiring story about visiting, living, and working in Iowa. Telling these stories often includes interviews, in-person visits, and gathering photos and videos. If you have something great to share about yourself or your community, visit and fill out the "Share Your Iowa Story" form found at the bottom of the homepage.

Alaina Santizo

Enhance Iowa

How do I tell your story?

I provide guidance to applicants of the Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) Program, administered by the Enhance Iowa Board. I, along with my colleague Maicie Pohlman, work closely with the Board to bring construction and major renovation projects to fruition.