Passport Programs

The Iowa Tourism Office helps facilitate a number of free craft beverage passport programs for visitors to use when they travel around Iowa. Passports include the Iowa Beer Passport, Iowa Wine Passport and Iowa Distillery Passport. All, breweries, cideries, distilleries, meaderies and wineries are welcome to be part of the passports and there is no charge to be included.
These digital passports are gamified, which means customers can earn prizes as they check into more and more venues. Customers will check in via GPS on their mobile device and redeem discounts by showing their mobile pass at checkout.
By having a listing on the passport, your business can enjoy the benefits of a model that’s been proven to drive locals and visitors through the doors of local businesses. Plus, the passports will be a key component of marketing campaigns moving forward and there is no cost to join the program!

If you are not participating in a passport program yet, please sign-up your brewery, cidery, distillery, meadery or winery, using the appropriate link below:

Iowa Distillery Passport:
Iowa Beer Passport:
Iowa Wine Passport:

The Iowa Scenic Byway Passport is another great tool for visitors to Iowa (and for Iowans to use to explore their own backyards).

If your business, attraction or organization is located near a Scenic Byway, contact the byway coordinator to find out more about their byway promotions.

For more info: Iowa Scenic Byway Passport (

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Neppl

Lora Friest