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Travel Guide and Web Listings Guidelines

Listings for inclusion in the official Iowa Travel Guides are drawn from the database. Listing owners are encouraged to update their records as often as necessary and will be notified when their record has not been updated for 12 months. Records that are not updated after 18 months will be removed from the website and will not be included in the Travel Guides.

The Iowa Tourism Office reserves the right to accept or reject any and all listings and hyperlinks, to edit any listing without notifying the entrant, and to remove a listing without notice. Entities will be listed at the sole discretion of the Iowa Tourism Office, following the guidelines and criteria shown below. The Iowa Tourism Office reserves the right to make exceptions to these criteria on a case by case basis. Approved listings may take up to one month to appear online.

Download the full guidelines document for details.

Use the below links for instructions on how to add or update information on A PDF of directions is also available here.

For more information, contact:

Amber Rottinghaus